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2020 Corporate Identity Renewal

Integrated Branding

Npixel 2020 Corporate Identity Renewal

Integrated Branding

Project Background

Npixel, the game developer studio that brought together the producers and veteran developers of "Seven Knights", a mobile RPG that made waves in the MMORPG market in Korea, are now producing a brand new, large-scale MMORPG entitled 'Gran Saga'. The game boasts features such as console-level graphics using Unreal Engine, as well as an open world enabling the exploration of an intricately produced fantasy continent. For this project, Npixel plans on providing high-mobility gaming through the development of a multi-platform gaming system.

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Executed Region
#Korea, Seoul

Our Solution

In an effort to establish our new vision of this global game changer, Eidetic Global Alliance collaborated with Studio-H.I.M. to conduct an integrated rebranding of Npixel so that countless domestic and foreign gaming audiences can recognize how Npixel has grown and differentiated itself as a brand. After defining the meaning of the brand name and developing a clear concept and design strategy, we established a brand slogan - Pixel Perfect Games - that clearly conveyed Npixel's brand philosophy and mission. ‘N’ is an intuitive and powerful motif used to represent the brand’s bold innovation while Pixel is universally known to be the smallest schematic graphic that transforms an on screen image into a concept. Together, Npixel not only breaks the boundary between time and space, it offers endless challenges and energy to its users.

- Global Market Research & Brand Diagnostics
- Creative Strategy & Brand Identity Development
- Visual Systems Development
- Digital Refresh
- Customer Touchpoint Improvement