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2018 Tencent TOP

Integrated Branding

Tencent Games 2018 Tencent TOP

Integrated Branding

Project Background

Tencent Games is a subsidiary of Tencent, the world’s largest investment corporation. Founded in 1998, Tencent is also known as one of the world's leading internet and technology companies. Leveraging IT expertise and through strategic investments, the company quickly incubated Tencent Games. Tencent Games has further grown to become a mainstay in the gaming industry, becoming the largest and most valuable gaming company in the world.

Tencent Games’ TOP Event is an annual event that Tencent Games holds with the intent of networking and expanding business opportunities. Held in conjunction with the ChinaJoy Exhibition period, this event invites the gaming industry's VIPs for a dinner party. The TOP Event is not meant to be too formal, but rather a fun occasion in which leaders of the industry gather together to expand their horizons.

Let me introduce Tencent.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was tasked with incubating the concept and branding of Tencent's TOP Event. Putting focus on the 9 consecutive years the event had been held, Eidetic Marketing created the concept of a social club for the modern gentlemen, constructing visual designs ranging from key visuals, venue renderings, to giveaways. Going further in depth, Eidetic Marketing also formulated an operations plan with performances to match the theme of the event.

- Overall event brand conceptualization and theme establishment
- Key visual design, brand application, event venue and zone renderings
- In-depth operations planning from consumer routes, HR, and performance options