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2018 Brand Marketing

Global PR Service / Integrated Branding

GH1933 2018 Brand Marketing

Global PR Service / Integrated Branding

Project Background

GH1933 is a subsidiary of GH inc., both of which were new start-up brands. GH1933 is a promising beauty brand based on essential virtues and aesthetic technology to enhance beauty. GH1933 holds the meaning of “Gilt Heritage + 1933. The name stems from the first South Korean beauty salon which opened in 1933. Focusing on haircare and related products, GH1933 has already entered the global market, showing great aptitude.

From its inception, GH1933 needed assistance in creating the basic structural base of the brand. Starting with a concept and story, the brand required services that offered total brand consulting solutions. Extending beyond base branding, being a consumer good, GH1933 needed not only foundational guidelines but also a comprehensive blueprint for social media, PR, packaging and product design.

About GH1933.

Our Solution

Eidetic Marketing was responsible for the creative conception of GH1933's brand identity and design. From storytelling aspects to key visual generation, Eidetic Marketing helped create the foundation of the brand since its inception. Beyond consulting, Eidetic Marketing also managed GH1933's website design, social media accounts along with handling global PR through media contacts and press deliverables.

- Foundational brand identity conceptualization and theme establishment
- Key visual design and brand applications ranging from online assets to package design.
- Website design, social media administration, and global PR management